Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've been considering keeping up a blog, but I've been a little reluctant. I'm not sure what to say here or who would want to read it. But I will just go with the flow and see what it turns into.

Well for starters, my name is Mandy, I'm 24 and living in a tiny town in the midwest. I live in an area where its not uncommon to see tractors going down main street and every man over 50 wears overalls and smokes Marlboro Reds.

I graduated college last year with a double major in Business Administration and Economics. College has gotten me nowhere... I now work 70+ hours a week to pay for the house and car I thought I would be able to afford after I was done with school. But I just go with it until I figure out what I can do or something comes along.

I have a pretty awesome guy, we got engaged last year but have no immediate plans to go thru the process/expense of becoming legally wed. We have been together for a little over six years. As of this weekend we will be acquiring a roommate, my 2nd youngest sister and best friend. I'm skeptical and excited to have her in the house. I haven't shared my home with anyone but Ron and I'm a little rusty at having family in the house.

I come from a big family, big meaning 11 children. I'm the oldest, and have played the 2nd mommy role for a majority of my life. Much to the devastation of my mother, I have no desire to have children of my own. I have siblings and a nephew that I can spoil and take home after we are done playing, then I can proceed to go home and have a drink or 5 with no guilt.

Hmmm... what else... I suppose I could be labeled an environmentalist, animal activist, tree hugger. (A disappointment to my deer slaying father,) I respect all life and strive toward a harmonious balance between humans, nature and the cosmos. However, I am not a radical or into the new age stuff that is always surfacing. I feel that I am a pretty open person and respectful of all people and their beliefs, even though I don't agree with most of it a majority of the time... :)

I would love to put up a bunch of pictures for my first post, but I am at work and my Kodak seems to have taken its own life. (which gives me a reason to purchase another) I'm thinking a Nikon SLR, any input on models or Nikon vs Cannon? Back to work, next time my post will hopefully have some form of direction and eye candy.

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