Friday, January 15, 2010

Along the Way

This morning was a tough one; bad weather, woke up late, and the gas station was out of my energy drink. I then proceeded to shut my hand in the car door, completly removing 2 fingernails and I'm pretty sure my pointer is broken:( However, my arrival at the office this morning made things alittle better. Missy, from, left me a message saying her "Magic" sketch was up in her print shop. So I raced over and picked it up, I can't wait to frame her and put her on my desk at home!

While I was logged into ETSY I couldn't help myself from browsing and then I found this:
I had to have one! Roll & Tumble Press has some pretty killer designs, I really want the Smile, Cloud for Sale, and Livin in Sin ones as well, but there is only so much wall space and money:( Next redecorating I do will definetly include more of thier work! Check them out here:

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I have found/purchased several new prints from some awesome artists. Just wanted to share!

I follow the blog of this gorgeous lady, Missy. She posted this today and mentioned that she was unsure if she wanted to make it available as a print in her ETSY store. I think it is fantastic and hope she does, I will have to grab one up as soon as they hit the shelves! Check out her photography as well, its awesome!

And one of my favorite artists ever is Emily who operates the totally unique The Black Apple shop. I have managed to get my hands on 6 of her prints and I'm lusting for at least 5 more, my birthday is in May, hint hint:) Everything she creates is whimsical, delicately dark and yet adorable. Here are a couple of my favs!

Both of these artists are very inspirational, hope you check them out!